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honestly in lecture my prof shitted all over girl with the pearl earring and you know what?? fuck that. yes someone wrote a historical fiction novel on it and yes there was that awful movie but it is an incredible and influential painting in its own right??? like just because the masses know about it bc of a book and movie does not make it cool to dismiss it and refer to it as scarlett johansson in class i have stood in front of that painting for half an hour straight and i have never been so mesmerized or affected by a single piece of art in my whole life like. just go away if you’re going to be mean about girl with a pearl earring, just go away.

Jan Vermeer
The Love Letter
c. 1669-70
Jan Vermeer
The Art of Painting
c. 1666-67
Jan Vermeer
View of Delft
c. 1662
Jan Vermeer
c. 1658-60
Las Meninas
Gerard Ter Borch
Lady at Her Toilette
c. 1660
Jan Steen
Self-Portrait Playing a Lute